Pub and Brewing Employees Serve Themselves Benefits

When Greene King, one of the UK’s leading pub and brewing companies, surveyed its more than 19,500 employees, it learned they weren’t happy with how benefits were handled.

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Greene King’s engagement system used to rely predominantly on paper communications and online formats that weren’t easily administered or accessed. We came up with an alternative solution.

We factored in the challenge of a diverse workforce, 45% of whom didn’t use a computer in their day-to-day work. We designed and delivered a comprehensive online portal where employees could view and manage their benefits. And we developed several communication tools to help employees learn about the portal, from mailing personalized postcards to placing laptops in the workspaces during enrolment period to hosting one-on-one, onsite sessions with HR managers.

The result? Of the 2,250 employees we targeted with our engagement campaign, 91% logged into the benefits portal and made self-service transactions.