How telecom and media companies can avoid the costly risks of mergers and acquisitions

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Many companies find that the path to a successful merger or acquisition is a rocky one. In fact, as many as 70-90% fail. With experts and analysts predicting a flurry of merger and acquisition activity in the telecommunications and media industries, it’s crucial for these industries to prepare for both pre- and post-merger activities that, without proper attention, can unintentionally derail their success.

M&A activity can leave companies open to a lot of costly risks. Today’s companies in the telecommunications and media space find themselves in a position of having to make “buy or build” decisions—balancing the cost of developing competencies internally vs. partnering with, or purchasing, other firms that have those competencies already. M&A is sometimes the fastest path to innovation but it’s one that can be fraught with risk. In our white paper, we dissect some of the elements of pre- and post-M&A activities that are critical to putting your merger or acquisition on the road to success.