Clinical Pharmacy Research Services

Ensuring appropriate medication use helps improve Medicaid member health. Our clinical pharmacists regularly evaluate therapies and prescribing patterns to help programs understand trends, uncover gaps in care and prepare for future needs.

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Many factors influence Medicaid member health outcomes. But making sure that their issues are addressed with safe, effective medications and proven approaches should be a cornerstone of any treatment plan. That’s why Conduent strengthens our pharmacy benefit management capabilities with clinical pharmacy research services.

Here, you’ll find the latest research we’ve published in journals and presented at national healthcare conferences. Whether it’s evaluating how to implement national guidelines, testing new approaches to treat an unmet need, examining how newly approved drugs affect the Medicaid population or conducting due diligence in monitoring and surveillance, Conduent’s clinical pharmacy research services are helping programs improve the lives of the members they serve.

Opioid Overdose Characteristics in Medicaid Members

Surrogate markers for potential opioid overdose.

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pdf, 113KB

Impact of Entresto on Heart Failure Medical Costs

A new drug can reduce Medicaid member hospitalizations.

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pdf, 107KB

Acute Respiratory Distress and Opioid Morphine Equivalents

Finding trends in Medicaid members across 3 dose ranges.

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pdf, 116KB

Treating Multiple Sclerosis in a Medicaid Population

Determining the best specific disease-modifying drugs.

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pdf, 1.5MB

Medical Resource Utilization of Oral Atypical Antipsychotics

The effects of prior authorization approvals vs. denials

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pdf, 123KB

Metabolic Monitoring of Atypical Antipsychotics

Retrospective DUR improves glucose and lipid monitoring in Medicaid recipients.

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pdf, 2.7MB