BlitzDocs Puts You on the Path to Paperless Mortgage Collaboration

There are smarter ways to collaborate on the mortgage process without generating a lot of paper. BlitzDocs is Conduent Mortgage Services’ intelligent, collaborative network that supports you from origination to post-closing to servicing.

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BlitzDocs’ electronic loan folder™ (eFolder) enables simultaneous access by internal and external parties for secure viewing, collaborating and sharing of images, electronic documents and data. BlitzDocs is highly flexible and can be configured to support company-specific stacking orders, document names and views.

The result? Streamlined workflow and an accelerated loan process due to immediate access of loan status, condition and updates. Read the BlitzDocs brochure to see how we can help with paperless origination and submission, electronic disclosure and signature, image-based underwriting/validation, eDelivery to closing agents, online due diligence and QC, eDelivery to investors, eNote managing and archiving, servicing single point of reference, and more.