Financial Services Leader Makes “Know Your Customer” Process More Secure

With new regulatory requirements for retail banks, you now need to “Know Your Customer” even better.

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That means you must put stricter safeguards in place to ensure consistent, correct verification of customer identity. And you must do more to prevent fraud and money laundering.

We helped a global leader in financial services modernize and refresh its Know Your Customer platform and card data management processes—first in Europe, and then across its worldwide locations. Together, we helped the financial services giant achieve unprecedented levels of security and regulatory compliance for its customers.

Read this card data management case study to learn how the new platform handles the company’s customer information via an online portal, or by scanning and converting customer mail into electronic files. See how the cloud-based process improvement solution leverages back-end automation to simplify archiving customer information.

And most significantly, learn how our Know Your Customer solution saved our client internal team resources and costs because it was launched, up and running within just 90 days.