BlitzDocs® Drastically Cuts Shipping Time

Backlogged communication channels and the need to scan documents manually was bogging down this financial institution’s shipping process and compliance efforts. Then came BlitzDocs.

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Priding themselves on a future-forward outlook, this financial institution had been on the cutting edge of imaging technology in the early 2000s. But by the mid-twenty-teens, the manual faxing process, need to create new scripts every time a new investor was added and backlog of communications was causing headaches and slowdowns.

Their search for a solution was short. In fact, several employees who had worked with BlitzDocs in the past validated its functionality and ability to integrate with legacy origination software.

After an easy implementation, the need for manual scanning has been completely eliminated. Email channels have freed up, thanks to in-application notifications and commenting, and compliance is no longer a challenge.

BlitzDocs has accelerated the end-to-end shipping process by 33%, increasing production without the need to add additional resources.