How Will GDPR Impact Your Customer Relationships?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings major compliance challenges – but also opportunities for excellent customer interactions.

As the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, many businesses are staring at a daunting mountain of new rules and processes. In many cases, GDPR requirements will require a total reconfiguration of a company’s data stores.

Brands should capitalize on the new customer touchpoints mandated by GDPR as an opportunity to build their reputations as good stewards of data. Here’s how business leaders can make it happen:

  • Understand the new rights customers have to clear explanations about who’s collecting their data and for what purpose.
  • Develop a plan so you’re ready to quickly respond to customer inquiries (Subject Access Requests or ‘SARs’) about the data you’re collecting or their requests for removal from your database.
  • Consider how managing these new customer interactions can positively influence your brand’s reputation.

As you adopt new measures for GDPR compliance, it’s important to act with customer experience in mind. Through a Personal Data Protection Program, Conduent experts can help your business comply with GDPR without missing a beat – and deliver more value for your customers.

GDPR Insights